Providence Baptist Church is the second oldest church in Bucharest (1925). It's location is in Ferentari Neighbourhood, one of the poorest areas in Bucharest. The Church serves the community by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus and taking care of the needy. The senior pastor Otniel Bunaciu (Former President of the European Baptist Federation and Romanian Baptist Union), started Project Ruth in 1992 because he saw a big need in the community. 

In June 2017, after serving with Ben Mogos in Agapia Baptist Church for more than 6 years, God led our family to Providence Baptist Church to serve as their Youth Pastor.

Starting this September (2017) I am Ruth's School chaplain, I have the honour every week of preaching Christ and teaching over 200 children from the Rroma (gypsy) community from the Bible. 


Agapia Christian Baptist Church started in Nov. 2010 when God called Ben Mogos to plant a church in the hear of Bucharest. In Feb. 2011 I was still a student in my 3rd year of seminary, when Ben invited me to join the core group that will soon become Agapia Church. For the firs year we were meeting in Ben's living room but in the fall of 2011 we moved to the church's firs location, a house that had the possibility of hosting 30-50max. people. After one year, in 2012 we had to leave the house not knowing were the Church will meet for Sunday morning services, but God was in control, He opened a door for us to move in a public hall in the hear of Bucharest.

I served as Agapia's Assistant pastor until Mai 2017.


"Fa o diferență" which means "make a difference" is a dream that started in 2013 when I wanted to create a platform where believers and non-believers would get involved in local social projects all around Bucharest.

One of the first projects was to help move the snow from the buss stops because the authorities, as usual, ware took by surprise. The problem was that a lot of old people had problems getting in to the busses and no one was doing anything.

Some other projects involved free face-painting for "kids day" in Romania.

In 2014 we organized one of our biggest project, a yard sale that ended with a big concert. The money went to an orphanage.

Now we are one step closer to founding "fa o diferenta" (make a difference) as a Non-Profit Organization.

There is a lot of need for social projects in Bucharest. There are needy people living in this big city. Old people that need help, kids that need guidance and help to get out of the poverty they live in and go to school and get a collage degree. The plan is to start an after school program with kids that struggle with learning and to make a partnership with the City council to use one of their social canteen to bring people from different places (churches, multi-nationals, schools, etc) and do team buildings that involve helping the needy (making food, counseling, and help with other needs).