Urgent prayer request

As you know, in our last update we told you about me quitting my sales manager position to have more time for ministry. One of the conditions was to raise a monthly support of 1000$. 

We now reached a monthly income of 300$ (and in some months one our friends sends more than he committed to sent). We are very grateful for all our friends that love us and believe in what we are doing here in Bucharest, Romania. 

We are 700$ short, but me and Madalina believe that even if we will not raise the money, quitting my sales manager position is the next step. This will give me more time and energy for ministry and for quality family time. 

Please pray for us. I told the company that I work for, that March will be my last month (told them a few months ago), but they did not manage to find someone else for this position. They will ask me to help them out until they do find someone, I'm 100% sure of that, but hopefully it won't get there. 

Pray for God's providence in this issue. If God is leading you to support us, please let us know. If you have friends that would like to come and know us and our ministry, we would appreciate if you would recommend us to them. 

We know our God can take care of this problem, but even if He chooses not to, we will still love Him and serve Him the same. 

Thank you, and God bless you!

Alex, Madalina and Caleb