It’s been a while since our last update, but I finally found some time and energy to bring an update on what’s going on in our lives. 

Some things you already know:

  • God gave us Theo Caleb Vlad on the 18th of April, and life is a lot more colourful ever since. We love parenthood, it brings us closer to God, and now we experienced a glimpse of God’s fatherly love for His children. 
  • 1st of July started a new job as youth pastor @ Providence Baptist Church. We love the new family God decided to move us to, even dough it was painful to leave Agapia Baptist Church. We still have a special relationship with Agapia Baptist, but we know and saw that it was God’s sovereign will to bring us to Providence.
  • Started ALMA Films, a way of earning some extra income in order to leave my sales manager position from romChrono (a company from the west part of Romania). We have some awesome friends in the US that helped us buy a really good video camera for the projects we do. Unfortunately we have to refuse a lot of events (weddings for example) because they are scheduled on Sundays and we can’t have to be at Church. So we are praying for different video projects that don’t involve missing from Church. 
  • Opened our ministry page on facebook so people can follow the ministries we are involved in - ALMA Ministries 

If you wish to find out more details about Caleb, Providence Church and ALMA Films please let us know. We are happy to let you know more.

Some new things that you might not know: 

Providence Baptist Church started Project Ruth 25 years ago. The church saw a need in the community the church was located, and started a ministry among the gipsy children and that’s how Rut School was born. Ruth School is now one of the biggest and most successful gipsy ministries in Romania. It has almost 250 children  that attend the school. In September I became their chaplain. What I basically do is, preach Christ every week to 200 children with orthodox background or no religion what so ever. We have them divided in three groups (preschoolers and first class, then we have classes 2-4, and the last group classes 5-8). Because I am chaplain and Providence Youth Pastor, one of my goals is to integrate the children from Ruth school in the youth group. 

Because of my involvement in Project Ruth and the many domains I have to get involved in Church, I’ve decided to quit my sales manager position at the end of March this year. I

It’s been 6 good years, God had a lot of lessons to teach me trough this position, responsibility, engagements, management, working with people and being connected to those who need Jesus. 

Unfortunately it’s to much for me and I am heading towards burnout. 

One of the issues in leaving this position is that our income will drop with 50%. So it will be the salary from Providence Church and Madalina’s indemnity for raising Caleb. 

We have only one commitment from some friends from the US that send us a monthly donation of 100$, but our goal is to reach the amount of 1000$ so that we can keep up with our mortgage and monthly expense in Bucharest.

Please keep praying for us to find friends and partners that will be willing to partner with us and support us here in Romania. 

If you have friends that you thing would like to know us better and come to know us, please let them know. 

This year we thought we could visit the US and meet up with some friends and maybe meet some new one, but it seems that it’s a no go for now, maybe next year. Because I’ll be leaving my sales manager position we can’t afford it, and we decided that it’s better for me to only be involved in Church ministry and outreach ministry.

If you read this update, thank you for your patience, and hope to hear from you. 

Please let us know we can pray for you and your family. 


Alex, Madalina & Caleb